At an age when most girls were hanging out in malls, having sleep-overs, and obsessing over the latest teen idols, Casandra Faulconer followed a very different path. Instead of roaming the malls, she headed to the public library, not to study for school, but to pick through their extensive album collection. Her late night parties consisted of listening to, and jamming along, with her favorite albums, obsessing about those who played on the records she had discovered.

Casandra’s father, Wayne, an accomplished guitar player in his own right, was her greatest supporter in her desire to play music. He bought Cass her first bass after she fell in love with the Fender Precision left at the house between rehearsals by Wayne’s bassist. She developed a great ear and instinct for following other musicians at after school sessions with her dad and his musician pals. Not long after this, as a teenager, she started playing with Wayne’s band in the rough and tumble bars and music halls in her home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

By the time she graduated from high school, Cass felt that she had gotten the most from her on the job training in T-Bay, and decided to pursue a formal music education at the highly respected Humber College in Toronto. After completing her studies at Humber, Cass was lured to the Caribbean by the opportunity to play gigs six nights a week. She spent the next several years, sailing the seas, backing up headliners, and playing Vegas style shows, all the while enjoying a climate completely opposite from the dreaded winters of Canada. The versatility demanded on those gigs, as well as the technical training she received from Humber, helped form her unmistakable professional presence on the bandstand.

1998 marked the year that she would start calling New Orleans home. It was at that point that Cass no longer felt she could keep growing as a player on the cruise ships, yet, she still wasn’t ready for Canadian Winter. Her travels in the Gulf had introduced her to the infectious sounds and greasy beat of the Big Easy. Intrigued by the city’s mystery and charm, she decided that New Orleans would be more than just a port of call. It is here where she honed her solid, supportive, grooving style, hooking up with the Crescent City’s most esteemed drummers, players such as Johnny Vidacovich, Herman Ernest III, Stanton Moore, Gerald French, Allyn Robinson, Kevin O’Day, Jeffrey “Jellybean” Alexander, and innumerable others. Today, you can find her gigging in a wide array of settings almost every night of the week, from straight up funk to low down blues. If you keep your ear to the ground, no doubt you’ll be lured into the deep pocket of Casandra Faulconer.

Casandra proudly endorses Moody Leather Straps. She is an exclusive user of DR strings and Mesa Boogie amplifiers, and would like to acknowlege both of those companies for their continued support.